Burton Coliseum Complex | 7001 Gulf Highway

Lake Charles, LA 70607

Phone: 337.721.4090 | Fax: 337.721.4170



This section is dedicated to providing important information for concert and event promoters about the Burton Coliseum Complex. Please take your time and review all that is presented in this section of our website. If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to call 337.721.4090, or e-mail: Jason Barnes, General Manager, jbarnes@burtoncomplex.com.


  • End Stage Concert:  9,512
  • Center Stage Concert:  9,882
  • Basketball:  8,500




  • One 8' x 10' drive-in door
  • One 20' x 24' drive-in loading door
  • Large shows can load/unload two trucks simultaneously
  • Up to four acres of parking for trucks and buses separate from public parking lots, equiped with full-service hook-ups (electricity, water, sewer.)
  • Bus hookups available on the day of performance.



  • 25,000 square feet with retractable temporary seating extended in all directions.



  • Event level layout minimizes unauthorized backstage access.
  • Four Star dressing rooms all equipped with telephone and high speed internet connections, located in an enclosed hallway for greater security control.
  • Green Room with comfortable furniture.
  • Two promoter offices, with telephone and high speed internet, located in the marshaling area with great access to all backstage areas.
  • Two team locker rooms, which can be expanded to four.
  • Restrooms and shower facilities in all Dressing Rooms.